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The dental clinic OrthoClinic was founded by Dr. Francina Grullón Gómez and opened its doors on July 10 2008, with the enthusiasm only a young dentist  who wishes to build her own practice can have, with a clear idea of conducting business:
That every patient who visits the clinic would not only go one time, on the contrary, to make them part of our family by offering personalized services on each and every visit.
To give them the ability to access a wide range of services from different dental specialties and offer them all the latest technologies that are required from the best dental clinics, so that they would not have to travel to other centers, offering them the convenience of being able to perform all clinical procedures in one place.



Who we are

We are a service provider entity in comprehensive oral health, which has personnel specialized in different fields of dentistry and has the most advanced technological equipment to provide guaranteed services. Our main goal is to make our patients smile . The warmth of care, the professionalism of our work and the love for what we do has become our main characteristic and virtue.


To offer our patients professional and personalized services, that guarantee a long-term benefit to their oral health.


To be a referer of good dental services to the community, with the highest levels of quality standards in services and products, that would heighten the population’s health levels.


• Professionalism

• Responsibility

• Respect

• Hygiene

• Personalized Human Treatment

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